Orthopedic surgery Pre-operative Planning

Why is Pre operative Planning so Important for Surgery?

By PeekMed on September, 10 2019

Let’s start by assuring you that the pre-operative planning is the most important part of a surgery. One of the key steps for a successful surgical procedure is the consequent outcome. If you do just a little in order to prepare your surgeries, your results can only go far.


Pre-operative planning requires a lot of measurement, visible markings, strong knowledge and a deep understanding of anatomy and it is divided into four sequential stages:

– Reconstruction;

– Decision making;

– Fixation lead to a surgical plan (a detailed drawing and rehearsal of the proposed fixation);

– Surgical tactic (a sequential list of steps to be taken in the operating room).

All of this finally allows the application of the surgical plan. These four stages tend to develop parallel in the mind of the surgeon. The more complex the problem, the more formal the planning process should be.

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PeekMed aims to facilitate the whole pre-operative planning process using a set of simple wizards where you are able to measure, template and simulate the expected results of different kinds of surgery. PeekMed is able to:

– Reduce surgery time up to 20%;

– Reduce sterilization costs up to 50% per surgery;

– Increase the efficiency and accuracy of the team, since you will be able to discuss the best solution for each case.

A good pre-operative plan is helpful in communicating with the operating room team the surgeon’s plan and their roles. In addition to the required instruments and implants, it is crucial to identify which additional items might be needed and with PeekMed you can reduce on the surprises and end every problem.

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