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A cross-sectional study: locomotive syndrome

Case studies - 23 November, 2017

The concept of “locomotive syndrome” is the circumstances in which elderly people need nursing care services or are at high risk of requiring such services…

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What goes through a surgeon’s mind through a complication?

Surgery - 27 September, 2016

As a surgeon, you’re honored to work on people’s bodies trying to easing their suffer, eliminate some pain, removing diseased organs, fixing this and that.…

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Technology in orthopedic

How Technology Is Transforming Orthopedics? 5 technological advances worth taking a look at

Technology - 5 August, 2016

The pace of technological innovation becomes increasingly accelerated in healthcare, foreshadowing major advances. Listed below 5 technological advances in orthopedics worth taking a look at.…

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Portuguese national team player Danny operated using the innovative PeekMed technology

Random - 10 May, 2016

The surgery the Portuguese international player underwent, this past Monday, was prepared with the PeekMed 3D software.   Danny, 32 years old Portuguese football player, who currently…

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Poster presented ate AAOS Annual Meeting 2016

“Surface Glenoid Area in Latarjet-Patte and Congruent Arc in Virtual Model”

Case studies - 16 March, 2016

We share Dr. Bruno Gobbato's case study, "Surface Glenoid Area in Latarjet-Patte and Congruent Arc in Virtual Model", presented at the AAOS Annual Meeting 2016.…

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Welcome to #peekmed Blog!

Random - 24 July, 2015

Hi! This is our first post. From now on we will share a lot a information through here. New features, real case studies planned using…

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