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Orthopedic Surgery: The Impact of 3D Visualization

By PeekMed on November, 15 2018

In 2016, it was estimated that approximately one million total hip replacements (THR) would be performed annually worldwide, much due to the osteoarthritis. Before the orthopedic surgery starts, it is important that the chosen implants fit the patient well and it does not lead to any complications, like pain or unequal leg length.

Pre-operative planning is the most important step in predicting and preventing complications. The conventional method to plan a surgery, such as THR, has been to use hard-copies of X-ray images and printed templates for implants to find out which implant to use. This method can lead to many misunderstandings in measurements and planning of more complex surgeries.

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Luckily, the veracity of using 3D templates in planning has been studied. A study made by Sariali et al. compared the accuracy of analogue 2D and 3D planning in THR and found that when counting both the stem and the cup in a THR, the plannings would predict the implant that ended up being used in 96% of the cases when using 3D and in 16% of the cases when using 2D.

It is a huge advantage to use 3D model bones since it allows a stereoscopic vision, providing more information for the surgeon. The 3D imaging allows a more precise choice for the implant size turning the visualization of anatomical structures easier, regardless of the patients’ slight body movements during the scanning process.

PeekMed brings you a set of tools to help plan surgery for a variety of cases. This medical device can help in every type of surgery using a 2D environment, 2D/3D hybrid environment, or a fully 3D environment. In all environments, this pre-operative planning system helps the surgeon prepare the surgery, to decide what implants will be needed, how the procedure will be performed and also helps anticipate possible problems that may occur during the surgery. PeekMed is the first user-friendly system that enables precise surgical 3D planning, being able to simulate surgical cuts and virtually suit the implants to the patient’s own anatomy.

3D visualization and planning have the potential for improving the performance of pre-operative planning. One of the biggest challenges for future work still rely on making the interactions as intuitive as they are in 2D, as people working in the medical field have a long history of working in 2D and may not be as familiar with 3D, but that is part of human evolution and we believe that only with this will we make the world change towards a bright future and have better medical conditions for all.

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