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AO Foundation Davos Courses: A great Experience to Learn from the Best

Last month PeekMed® went to Davos, for another edition of AO Davos Courses. The annual Davos Courses are the highlight of the AO Foundation activities. 

The AO Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the care of people with musculoskeletal injuries, through research, development, education and quality assurance in the principles, practice, and result of fracture treatment.

In Davos, we gathered with more than 1.500 healthcare professionals from over 100 countries in a unique networking experience. It was a great opportunity for us to learn different approaches to education, training and treatment, from leaders in several specialty areas.


AO Davos Courses 2019

AO Alliance joined with AO Trauma and the AO Education Institute to deliver a special coaching program for AO faculty for sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. The goal: for participants to embrace lifelong learning for themselves and facilitate it for other surgeons who seek to enhance their knowledge and skills. The ten AO Alliance faculty who attended were able to put their newly acquired skills into practice immediately: coaching AO Trauma faculty during the first week of the AO Davos Courses.

This year’s event also showcased the AO’s research, innovation, and development activities, which complement its position as the premier educator in its fields. The popular Meet the Experts sessions, offered by the AO Technical Commission, drew significant interest from audiences on-site and online. Meet the Experts focuses on innovative devices and surgical techniques. During these sessions, the expert surgeons directly involved in development explained their clinical uses and benefits for patient treatment.

It was another great edition of AO Davos Courses, and we hope to be there on the next editions as well.

If you want to know more about the AO Foundation Davos Courses, and the next editions, you can find more information about it here.

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