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case study Orthopedic surgery

Popliteal Cyst: A clinical Efficacy Between Different Surgical Approaches
By PeekMed on July 30, 2019

Popliteal cyst is a benign swelling with synovial fluid located behind the knee joint. They are often asymptomatic, however symptomatic cysts may cause pain and may need surgery...

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Robotics Medical Technology

Is Robotic Surgery Assisted Secure?
By PeekMed on July 13, 2019

As we know, the intense focus on safety for any surgical procedure seems to compromise training for new robotic surgeons. A group of researchers found that between January 2000 and...

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Orthopedic surgery implants

Metal-on-metal hip resurfacing in patients younger than 50 years
By PeekMed on July 12, 2019

Total hip arthroplasty (THA) durability does not meet the requirements for young patients compared to the younger population.

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case study Orthopedic surgery

Adult vs Pediatric Cases: Upper Extremity Open Fractures
By PeekMed on July 9, 2019

A study published on BioMedCentral shows that fractures in pediatrics tend to show epidemiological characteristics which are different from adults – the main goal was to examine the...

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Peekmed Medical Technology

3 (Really Useful) Orthopedic Mobile Apps for Surgeons
By PeekMed on June 18, 2019

Usage of mobile devices amongst medical professionals is increasing. Some orthopedic apps for surgeons have the potential for timely and cost-effective management of orthopedic patients.

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News & Trends

EFORT 2019: Everything you need to know
By PeekMed on May 27, 2019

EFORT 2019 Congress will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 5 to 7 June 2019. The 20th edition of this Congress expects to gather around 5500 attendees and EFORT wishes to provide a...

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preoperative planning Medical Technology

Orthopedic Surgery: 4 Awesome Resources for Better Planning
By PeekMed on May 16, 2019

Preoperative planning is an essential step for the success of orthopedic surgery. Planning has been changing with the implementation of technology on this process. Nowadays, there’s a...

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Spine Orthopedic surgery

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: The Basics for Surgeons
By PeekMed on January 10, 2019

It’s been long since spine surgery was performed for the first time, and over the years, new technological advances have made it possible for more spine related conditions to be treated...

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