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November, 30 2021
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Study: PeekMed® suggests the optimal procedure when used for HTO

November, 30 2021

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A new scientific paper published in the Video Journal of Sports Medicine of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine concluded that PeekMed® is accurate and reproducible in suggesting the optimal procedure for the patient's deformity. This way, it is possible to avoid over/under corrections and joint line obliquity, targeting always for the best outcome possible for each patient individually.

Inadequate deformity analysis and planning before HTO may result in correction errors with unsatisfactory clinical results. A partial deformity analysis without considering the femoral or intra-articular deformity may lead to overcorrection or excessive joint line obliquity. The study from the Institut du Mouvement et l'appareil Locomoteur (IML) aimed to describe the deformity analysis and preoperative planning before HTO.

After explaining all the methods and results obtained, the article refers that the inclusion in PeekMed® of anatomical landmarks allowing accurate and reproducible angular value measurements. Automatic knee osteotomy planning analyzes the metaphyseal deformity of both the tibia and the femur, and the system suggests the optimal procedure with the degree of openness to obtain the desired mechanical axis without creating excessive joint line obliquity.

The interest of semiautomated planning systems, and particularly PeekMed®, for angular value measurements is now well recognized, concluded the authors of this study.

As a final remark, PeekMed wants to congratulate the authors of this study: Grégoire Micicoi, MD-PHD, Pierre Martz, MD-PHD, Christophe Jacquet, MD, Levi Reina Fernandes, MD, Raghbir Khakha, MD,  and Matthieu Ollivier, MD-PHD, Prof.

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