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José Carlos Noronha and the Perfect Match with Sports Medicine

By PeekMed on May, 27 2018

José Carlos Noronha born in Rio de Janeiro on February 27th, 1954. Came to Portugal (Alvarenga – Arouca) when he was 3 years old. Already as a medical doctor, Professor Noronha injured his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) thus forcing him to abandon soccer which led his interest in orthopedics to grow, particularly in knee and ligament pathologies. Today, it is the perfect time for him to share some ideas with us.

Since the beginning, Professor José Carlos Noronha saw his future linked to sports and somehow an injury brought him a career full of success. He does not mention the most interesting case he has ever held on his hands, but it is with a bright smile that he talks about his work.

You are responsible for knees worth millions. How does this symbolism arise between you and football?

From the injury I had in the year I graduated (ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament and internal meniscus), I thought of taking the orthopedic specialty, and particularly of knee ligament injuries.

After so many cases that have passed through your operating room, do you think that systems like PeekMed make the planning process simpler?

No doubt. Particularly in complex cases, such as some ligament revision surgeries, PeekMed is a very important tool in surgical planning.

How long does it take, for example, a surgery for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament? And how does PeekMed influence this process?

According to Professor Noronha, systems like PeekMed should be integrated in the curriculum of the medical course somehow. He believes that the future of orthopedics would be a lot easier with the use of tools like this.

Do you think that young doctors will ease their time adopting this type of preparation systems for orthopedic surgeries? Why?

The ease with which youth dominates computers and all technological evolution, this method will greatly facilitate surgical programming.


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