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January, 19 2022
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Orthopedic digital templating: how can a surgeon benefit from it

January, 19 2022 3 minute read

Orthopedic Digital Templating transformed the healthcare system. 

It did not only change the life of orthopedic surgeons, who now can plan surgeries much faster. 

But thanks to automation tools and ever up to date databases, it also optimized how resources are being managed within the hospital.

Within the orthopedic digital templating subject, In this article, we will be digging deeper into:

What is Orthopedic Templating?

As you know, Orthopedic Templating is the process where surgeons use templates to estimate the correct size of the implant (or prosthesis, as it is also known) to be used in surgery.

Before orthopedic digital planning, surgeons resorted to conventional methods to perform templating techniques. 

However, technology became a game-changer for the industry, introducing the much-needed transformation and opening doors to digital templating to orthopedic surgeons.

From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to 3D visualization, implanting technologies became a trending topic that every year conquers fair market share. 

These technologies are now much more than simple orthopedic templating software – they are a surgeon's best friends when it comes to preoperative planning. Let's explore how.

3D Orthopedic templates: a new vision

Conventional methods of finding out which implant to use can lead to misunderstandings in measurements and while planning more complex surgeries. 

However, 3D introduced new accurate orthopedic template techniques predictions, always integrating the information provided by CT Scans and PACS systems – but more on that later.

3D viewing of bones and templates is a huge advantage, as it allows stereoscopic vision, providing the surgeon with more information about the anatomy of the patient.

This allows the orthopedic surgeon a more precise choice of the implant size and leads to having a more integrated view of the anatomical structures easier. 

By this means you are reducing issues related to patients’ slight body movements during the scanning process.

With PeekMed, surgeons can use a diverse set of tools to help with preoperative templating when preparing for their orthopedic surgery.

With powerful AI-based technology, this medical device allows doctors to choose between 2D, 3D, or even hybrid visualization

The combination of these modes gives a full view of both bone and implant. Providing a more in-depth vision of how the implant can be strategically used.

3D orthopedic templating is improving preoperative planning – a very important field of surgery –, as it allows surgeons to have a new vision of the patients' anatomy.


Automatic orthopedic templating: using AI for clinical decision

While digital techniques did make it harder to perform complex measures – should it be in leg lengths or a total hip replacement –, it is now much easier and more accurate. 

Studies even find that it leads to the optimal procedure for the patient's deformity, for instance.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, PeekMed will not only automatically place the template in the most correct position. But it will also suggest you the most suitable template based on the measures.

Automatic template placement


An always up-to-date template library

The world of biomedical materials is in a very quick transformation and the implant systems industry is no different. 

As such, it is hard for surgeons to always be updated about the latest news when it comes to orthopedic manufacturers, biomedical materials, and ortho templates

Digital Orthopedic templating made being up-to-date on these topics much easier. By digital means, surgeons can access all the specifications of each template and simulate with them on a preoperative.

To bring to surgeons up-to-date solutions, at PeekMed we are partnering directly with several orthopedic manufacturers. 

From Zimmer Biomet to Stryker or Depuy, our system collects information from dozens of implant manufacturers. By this means we are bringing the user regular updates of orthopedic templates free of charge.

This feature, combined with the automatic orthopedic templates templating solution that we just told you about, integrates big data into your work. While you can focus on your most


Advantages of using digital templating: stocks management and resources optimization

Preoperative templating makes it easier for surgeons and hospitals to stay one step ahead when it comes to stock management of implants. This gained special importance with the global supply chain crises of 2021.

Knowing in advance the planned implants, stock management of inventory will become much easier. This applies to every surgical practice – should it be a small clinic or a big hospital and a trauma surgery or a replacement planning template. 

By ensuring good inventory management you are avoiding overstocking and all the costs associated with it. 

Being caught off guard and being understocked can be even worse, as it might lead to productivity problems, clinical issues, and critical function of the practice.

Inside the surgical ward, you are not only reducing the duration of the procedure by up to 20%

You are optimizing the human resources available, as the surgical staff will know in advance what instruments, implants, and additional items need to be ready.

At the same time, you will see sterilization costs going down up to 50% per surgery. As the amount of “ready-to-use” materials will decrease significantly.

A prepared surgeon assumes a critical role and a key position within the surgical ward. In the long term, this is a very most sustainable strategy that reduces surgical risks and optimizes the resources available.

The biggest advantage of Peekmed is that you are integrating several solutions in one single platform – making it much more than a common implant templating software. It's a complete, smart preoperative planning system for orthopedics.

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More than an Orthopedic Templating Software

A prepared surgeon assumes a critical role and a key position within the surgical ward. In the long term, this is a very most sustainable strategy that reduces surgical risks and optimizes the resources available for surgical planning.

The biggest advantage of PeekMed is that you are integrating several solutions in one single platform – making it much more than a common implant templating software. It is a complete and smart preoperative planning system for orthopedics. 


Peek Health develops innovative technological solutions for preoperative planning, contributing to the increasing quality of orthopedics and healthcare services, providing added value to its surgeons and patient, making the surgery more predictable, effective, and safe.