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Orthopedic Software: How to Plan an Orthopedic Surgery on Mobile

PeekMed is a powerful 3D pre-operative planning software for orthopedic surgery. It is a powerful orthopedic software for all the aspects involving musculoskeletal injuries.

Using PeekMed’s software, you can plan your surgeries using either X-Rays, CT scans or MRIs for any procedure type. Using a CT scan or an MRI, you can do the planning in 3D and visualize the problem from multiple angles in a couple of minutes. PeekMed has several automated procedures  to ease and accelerate the planning workflow and it will reduce the stress around the orthopedics full-time job. A simple tool that can save you time.


You can also access to PeekMed on your iPad. The PeekMed app is an innovative and user-friendly mobile application that wants to help you to easily access to your surgical plannings. It works with the PeekMed software. The PeekMed app is designed for iPad® and allows you to check and present patient plans and images exported from the PeekMed desktop software.

Once you have imported a planning to the PeekMed app, you will have access on your mobile device, to:

  • Every performed measurement;
  • All informations about planned templates;
  • Pre and post-operative images;
  • 2D and 3D images;
  • Planning reports.

You can try PeekMed (totally free during 30 days) to start planning your surgeries more accurately.


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