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Prestige or Lifestyle? A day in Life of an Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic surgeon lifestyle is not easy. Orthopedic surgeons deal with the entire musculoskeletal system, from birth until our last breath of life. They are the ones who allows us to move, work and be active.

The amount of subject material in this field is enormous, it ranges from hands, spines, sports, pediatric, tumor to feet/ankles and deformity to trauma. If that’s an easy task? No, it’s not. Being an orthopedic surgeon takes a lot of hard work, but it also gives a whole new level of self-realization to you, the one who embrace this work.

A day in your life is long. It’s not an 8 to 5 job. The patient comes first of everything else and the day ends once the work is totally done. You’re constantly under pressure to master the latest technology, deal with a vast number of patients and steps so you can perform medical procedures with precision and even to be alert of any unexpected reactions. Most of this pressure on making a decision can turn out into some serious troubles for the patient’s life.

“In PeekMed, with just a few clicks, it is possible to navigate through my patients’ anatomy and plan my actions. It brings safety to my actions reducing the time of surgery and make it more efficient.” Dr. Bruno Gobbato, Orthopedic , Surgeon and Member of IT commission of SBOT
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In 2012, Harvard medical school teamed up with Massachusetts General Hospital to study the fatigue of orthopedic surgeons and concluded: the mean amount of daily sleep is around 5,3 hours, which result in the residents fatigue in about 48% which increased during 27% of their awake time. This study was taken after a 2008 published research on the American Journal of Surgery, that concluded,

“Fatigue and sleep deprivation cause a significant deterioration in the surgical residents’ cognitive skills as measured by virtual reality simulation. Psychomotor skills are also negatively impacted during tasks that require a combination of psychomotor and cognitive skills.”

Most recently, in 2014 about 54% of the doctors in US experienced at least one symptom of burnout compared to 46% in 2011, researchers report in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Orthopedic surgeon exhaustion may lead to the patient’s death.

Orthopedic surgeon

How to improve orthopedic surgeon lifestyle reducing the number of mistakes?

The patient, often hope for a hero to stride into a fear situation and solve all the problems with one fell swoop. Something that never happens. It’s hard for you to admit that you can’t handle everything by yourself. PeekMed has the goal to stop these situations. You can plan your surgery using either X-Rays, CT scans or MRIs for any procedure type. Using a CT scan or an MRI you can do the planning in 3D and visualize the problem from multiple angles in a couple of minutes. PeekMed has several automated processes to ease and accelerate the planning workflow.  It’s hard to imagine that a simple software could make such an impact on the world. It will also reduce the stress around your full-time job. Most of the professionals work harder and harder to ease the pain of insecurity to earn their worth in the field. With increasing work demands, the quality of family life suffers and your life requires a more organized and planned approach.

If you dream of building a family, be cautious of the impact of perceived long work hours, call duties and round the clock patient care responsibilities. The demands that is to improve your way of life and cultivating a surgical career, raising children, maintaining personal relationships and running a house are time-consuming and with PeekMed it all can become easier to manage.

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