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Orthopedic Surgery: 4 Awesome Resources for Better Planning

By PeekMed on May, 16 2019

Preoperative planning is an essential step for the success of orthopedic surgery. Planning has been changing with the implementation of technology in this process. Nowadays, there’s a lot of software and technology that support the planning process. But what kind of features are really important for orthopedic surgeons? Let’s find out!


What is the first thing a surgeon needs to plan an orthopedic surgery? The patient medical records.


Orthopedic Surgery feature 1 

PACS integration

One of the most important resources is a planning system fully integrated with a hospital or clinic PACS that allows searching for a patient’s specific data and to start planning using that information. With PeekMed it is easy to import a patient’s medical imaging and to put them in a specific folder, available to be used directly in the surgical planning process using PeekMed.

If the patient data is available on a digital system, why not plan directly from there?


Orthopedic Surgery feature 3 

3D/2D Hybrid Planning

On some orthopedic surgeries like joint surgeries, it is really difficult to have full access to these areas. 2D and 3D environments combination are perfect for this. Now, with an MRI and a CT scan, all kinds of procedures can be planned and reviewed at the same time with 3D visualization. This feature is very important to improve the postoperative results of the patient. PeekMed allows to automatically create a 3D/2D reconstruction of the patient’s anatomy using an MRI and a CT scan. It is possible to analyze the patient’s anatomy from different perspectives and to add more accurate measurements to the procedure.

We have been talking about planning with more accurate information but there’s another element that’s important in some orthopedic surgeries. Prosthesis!

It can be hard to plan a Templating using a traditional acetate. One of the most important features that an orthopedic surgeon must take into consideration when is looking for a better planning system is Digital Templating.


Orthopedic planning feature 

Digital Templating

It can be critical if an implant has not had the specific dimensions that are needed for that patient. It is important to finish the preoperative planning process of orthopedic surgery with an automatic selection of the right prosthesis implant.

With all these features it is possible to have a total overview of the surgery. The planning result is shown in high detail, including measurements and implants, but there is another important feature to get better planning.


Orthopedic planning system mobile feature

Checking the orthopedic surgery plans everywhere

We live in the era of mobile-first, using our tablets and smartphones to do almost everything. Why not review a surgery plan too? PeekMed allows to visualize and to anticipate every planning on iPad®. The mobile application might bring the last piece of the puzzle to communicate the results with the surgery team and patient – effectively.

Each one of these 4 features we talked about, is important if an orthopedic surgeon is looking for a simple and accurate tool to support an orthopedic surgery planning process. PeekMed is a powerful 3D preoperative planning system, with all the best features integrated into the same place.


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