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Realidade aumentada em aplicações móveis para planeamento cirúrgico ortopédico

January, 1 2017 1 minute read


José Alberto Mestre Conceição Inácio


Victor Alves 

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Patient needs and requirements are increasingly following technological developments in the area of medical surgery. This happens, so they can obtain the most efficient and safe intervention possible from the health services and their professionals. However, today it is still difficult to implement and operate different types of technologies in medical environments due to the disadvantages that they can bring to their users and the entire learning process they require. In a first approach, this work aims to clarify concepts and gather some existing solutions to solve these problems, as well as the respective technologies used by them. Subsequently, a concept and prototype of a mobile orthopaedic surgical planning application that implements Augmented Reality technologies is developed and presented. The proposed solution aims to help the surgeon from the planning stage to the surgical intervention phase itself. In addition to some examples and the presentation of the work developed for the solution, the implementation process and the system architecture are also described. Taking into account the developed prototype, the advantages of its use in a surgical context are discussed and are raised some future points of interest to be studied and implemented for its improvement.

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