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Return to play after three ipsilateral anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions in an elite soccer player: A case report

February, 19 2020 1 minute read


José Carlos Noronha, João Pedro Oliveira & João Brito


ACL reconstruction; Allograft; Graft failure; Re-revision surgery

Published on

International Journal of Surgery Case Reports


Introduction: Despite the reasonable success of ACL reconstruction, some athletes are not able to regain the level of play they once had.
Presentation of case: Here, we report the case of a 32-year-old male professional soccer player who sustained an ACL injury in his right knee. The patient had a history of two prior ipsilateral ACL injuries, which was reconstructed with ipsilateral hamstring autograft (first surgery) and ipsilateral patellar tendon autograft (revision surgery). Imaging examination revealed a small narrowing of the medial femoro-tibial compartment, a complete ACL rupture, partial medial meniscectomy, small cartilage lesions in the medial condyle, a 7° varus knee, an enlarged tibial tunnel, and a femoral tunnel positioned high above the intercondylar roof. A one-step re-revision surgery using a fresh-frozen, cadaveric, non-irradiated Achilles tendon allograft was planned. After surgery, physiotherapy was conducted once per day during 4 months. The patient started running at the 6th month, and returned to full training 8 months after surgery. The player returned to full competitive play 9 months after surgery and has been competing for the last 36 months at the highest level of play without any limitation, inflammation, pain, or perception of instability.
Conclusion: In professional sports, when re-revision ACL reconstruction is indicated and the patient expects to return to competition, surgery should not be delayed. In these cases, the usefulness of Achilles tendon allograft should be taken into consideration for re-revision ACL reconstruction.

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