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December, 4 2023
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PeekMed Vision: Orthopedic through the new lenses of Augmented Reality

December, 4 2023

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In a world where technology continuously advances and reshapes various industries, healthcare is no exception. PeekMed, in collaboration with the Computer Graphics Center (CCG) and 2CA-Braga, is pioneering an exciting new project that aims to reshape the field of surgery. PeekMed Vision is an innovative system that represents a significant step forward in the way doctors plan surgeries, collaborate with peers, and train the next generation of orthopedic surgeons.

In this article, we will delve into the details of PeekMed's groundbreaking project, co-funded by the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) and the Portuguese Republic, and its potential impact on the medical landscape.


The PeekMed Vision Tool

PeekMed is part of the Health from Portugal - HfPT consortium, which includes over 90 entities and more than 100 products. This consortium is aimed at modernizing healthcare and innovating its products and services to make Portugal a global leader in the healthcare sector. 

This particular project focuses on the development of an augmented/mixed reality system tailored to healthcare professionals, particularly orthopedic surgeons. The primary objective is to provide a platform that enables the preparation, training, and simulation of surgical interventions on bones through augmented reality devices.


Applicability 1: Pre-operative Assistance Tool

One of the key features of PeekMed Vision is its pre-operative assistance tool, which allows surgeons to visualize and interact with surgical procedures step-by-step. By wearing augmented reality glasses, doctors can load pre-existing surgical plans generated by PeekMed software. These plans include a workflow of sequential steps tailored to specific surgical procedures. 

The tool supports multiple media types, including voice, video, PDFs, drafts, and digital notes. Additionally, it provides 3D representations of bones and templates, including digital representations of the implants to be used, that can be interacted with.

This feature offers a transformative approach to pre-operative planning, enhancing precision and reducing potential complications.


Applicability 2: Collaborative/Remote Assistance

The collaborative aspect of PeekMed Vision is equally compelling. With the help of head-mounted displays, multiple surgeons can work together on a surgical plan.

This collaboration feature enables experts to interact with the 3D bone models and other vital components and share critical information, notes, and insights

PeekMed Vision also facilitates remote assistance, allowing experts from different locations to work together seamlessly. This feature has the potential to bridge geographical barriers and enable a global network of surgeons to collaborate and share their expertise.


Applicability 3: Training and Education

The potential impact of PeekMed Vision isn't limited to experienced surgeons alone. It can be an invaluable tool for training orthopedic students

By allowing students to immerse themselves in a simulated surgical environment, this technology offers a unique learning experience. Students can gain hands-on experience and develop their surgical skills in a safe and controlled setting, significantly improving their preparedness for real-life surgical procedures.


The Road Ahead

The first prototype of PeekMed Vision is scheduled to be ready in the first semester of 2024.

During this time, the CCG will focus on developing the hardware for the augmented reality glasses, while the 2CA will collaborate with doctors to test the prototype. This partnership reflects a joint commitment to ensure that the system is both functional and user-friendly.

As PeekMed continues to innovate and integrate new technologies, it paves the way for a more collaborative, efficient, and patient-centric future in orthopedic surgery.

Peek Health develops innovative technological solutions for preoperative planning, contributing to the increasing quality of orthopedics and healthcare services, providing added value to its surgeons and patient, making the surgery more predictable, effective, and safe.