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Learn How to Prepare a Child for Surgery

Children are too young to have access to pre-operative planning, education or explanations about the surgery. However, this does not mean they are the coolest living things to deal with when the day arrives. There are some steps that might help streamline the process of a child surgery, while parents discuss the whole process with the surgeon.

For the children, hospitals bring discomfort. Think about the separation from parents, the fact there are so many different caregivers, sounds, smells, the day and night confusion…it is not easy. It is important to keep the child’s routine the same before the day of surgery. As the surgeon in charge, be sure all are well rested on the day of surgery.

When the day comes, children need their favorite item around and who knows…do they like music? Take that one song that makes them relax. It will help them calm down when the parents are not around. The child will sense the concern, so parents need to be well informed about what to expect in the day of surgery. Answer carefully, and do not hide anything. Non-verbal communication, such as voice, gestures and body language can give positive vibes to the child so it’s important for parents to be cool. Make sure they are on the same page as you and just try to stay focused on what’s better for the child.

The key when we are preparing a child surgery, is to be patient. It is normal if they cry and be fussy during this time. It may be more likely than think if they become very clingy and become hard to comfort and console.


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