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Rafael J. Grossmann and the Power of Technology on Healthcare

Throughout his career, Rafael J. Grossmann (@ZGJR on twitter) focused in tapping the paradoxical power of technology to coexist with a better, more human medical care. He has a duality of expertise that makes him a voice that definitely should be heard and today, he shares some thoughts with us.

Even though he can’t seem to remember his first surgery, the thought of that specific experience brings him feelings of “power and tremendous responsibility”.

A lot has changed since then, “technology has enabled us in amazing ways.” says Rafael, who started geekin’ about tech and look for ways to apply it into his clinical work since the very beginning of his career as a trained surgeon. “There’s a big discrepancy around the world about the technology in the field but I’m sure that will augment us and make our work easier and better.”


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