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5 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Advances: The Experts Opinion
By PeekMed on September 9, 2019

Orthopaedics Today Europe spoke with some international experts on hand surgery in order to know what the latest carpal tunnel syndrome techniques.

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Popliteal Cyst: A clinical Efficacy Between Different Surgical Approaches
By PeekMed on July 30, 2019

Popliteal cyst is a benign swelling with synovial fluid located behind the knee joint. They are often asymptomatic, however symptomatic cysts may cause pain and may need surgery...

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case study Orthopedic surgery Fracture Reduction

Vertebral Fractures and Variety of Neurological Deterioration [Case Study]
By PeekMed on July 28, 2019

There is a number of vertebral fractures that affect variations in the termination level of conus medullaris (TLCM) and alter neurological findings. Yet, few studies have examined...

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Locomotive Syndrome: The Impact of Lifestyle Factors
By PeekMed on July 23, 2019

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case study physical therapy orthopedic technology Medical Technology recovery

Shockwave Therapy for Musculoskeletal Disorders: How it Works?
By PeekMed on July 19, 2019

Three main techniques through which shockwaves can be generated are electrohydraulic, electromagnetic and piezoelectric principles, and each one represents a different technique of...

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case study Fracture Reduction

Adult vs Pediatric Cases: Upper Extremity Open Fractures
By PeekMed on July 9, 2019

A study published on BioMedCentral shows that fractures in pediatrics tend to show epidemiological characteristics which are different from adults – the main goal was to examine the injury...

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Total Hip Arthroplasty: Relationship between Social Support and Function Ability
By PeekMed on August 16, 2018

Released data from the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that up to 25% of people will suffer from physical disability reserved to the bone and joint problems until 2050. The...

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case study Arthroplasty THA Orthopedic surgery total hip arthroplasty Hip femoral rotation recovery

Femoral Rotation After Total Hip Arthroplasty: Postoperative Changes
By PeekMed on July 26, 2018

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