Orthopedic surgery knee replacement Hip Replacement

Majority of knee and hip replacements last as long as 25 years, a study says
By PeekMed on February 24, 2020

8 out of 10 knee replacements and 6 out of 10 hip replacements last as long as 25 years, says a large study from the University of Bristol. This is much longer than believed, the...

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Joint replacement shoulder replacement Orthopedic surgery knee replacement arthritis

Is total joint replacement the best option for arthritis?
By PeekMed on January 17, 2019

Osteoarthritis is debilitating. When arthritis starts to affect several joints, one potential treatment option to explore is replacing the damaged joint with a new, artificial one. This may...

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how to Orthopedic surgery knee knee replacement

Preparing patients for a knee replacement: the procedures
By PeekMed on September 29, 2016

A knee replacement will be performed when the knee is severely damaged mostly caused by arthritis or injury. It works when it becomes hard for the patient to do daily activities such as...

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