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Orthopedic Software: PeekMed® is Available on Desktop and Mobile
By PeekMed on October 18, 2019

PeekMed is a powerful 3D pre-operative planning software for orthopedic surgery. It is a powerful orthopedic software for all the aspects involving musculoskeletal injuries.

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Orthopedic Technology: What you can learn from Pokémon GO and other innovations
By João Pedro Ribeiro on September 25, 2019

Augmented Reality Applications in Orthopedic Technology

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Shockwave Therapy for Musculoskeletal Disorders: How it Works?
By PeekMed on July 19, 2019

Three main techniques through which shockwaves can be generated are electrohydraulic, electromagnetic and piezoelectric principles, and each one represents a different technique of...

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Robotic Control, the Future of Healthcare
By PeekMed on July 6, 2017

If we look back in time, a few decades ago, touchscreens were the latest innovative technology, yet clunky pieces of technology reserved for applications that did little more than show off...

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Improving lifestyle with surgical advances
By PeekMed on February 16, 2017

In any type of surgery, accuracy and precision are the main keywords. They are critical for achieving a positive outcome and even more important when dealing with delicate cases.

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How mobile technology can improve clinical trials? We list the top 5 factors
By PeekMed on October 19, 2016

We all live in the age of the engaged consumers. Many companies have already recognized that traditional selling tactics, like advertising, can take them far, only because consumers want...

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