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Total Hip Arthroplasty in Post-traumatic Acetabular Nonunion with Symphysis Pubis Diastasis: A Case Report

September, 1 2021


Deepu Jacob Punnoose, Nizaj N., Sukesh A. N., Julio C Kandathil & Bipin Theruvil

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JBJS Case Connector


Case: We report a patient with a long-standing post-traumatic pubic diastasis along with acetabular nonunion who developed painful hip arthritis that needed a total hip arthroplasty. We discuss the unique challenges in the acetabular component positioning.
Conclusion: In patients with symphysis pubis diastasis, the surgeon should be prepared to place the cup in less than normal anteversion. This relative retroversion, which is an unusual position, is due to the external rotation of the whole hemipelvis including the femur. The degree of version of the cup should be guided by intraoperative stability checks and to ensure an impingement free range of motion.

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